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113€10€ Off : 153€

Experience Lisbon Walk + Sintra & Cascais Daytrip

Duration: Experience Walk - 4 hours + Sintra & Cascais Daytrip - 8 hours
Price: 113€10€ Off : 153€
Enjoy your time in Lisbon with these two excellent Tours, and see the best of Portuguese Culture and Gastronomy, in and around Lisbon. This is a package that combines one walking tour in Lisbon with one daytrip outside the city. Start with the Experience Lisbon Walk where visit the “neighborhood” Lisbon and stop in several places to taste traditional pastries with coffee and sea food with wine, taking a ferry boat along the way (For more Info). 


The tours will be made ​​on two consecutive days. The first tour will be the Experience Walk and the day after the tour Sintra Cascais.

Experience Lisbon Walk Meeting point: at 10:00 am in front of the Hotel Mundial, at Martim Moniz square
Sintra & Cascais Day Tour Meeting point: at 8.00am in front of the Hard Rock Café.


Experience Lisbon Walk (starting at 10:00 a.m.) 
Ferry-boat ride
Coffee and Pastries
Cheese and Marmalade
Port Wine
Green Wine.

Sintra Cascais & Estoril Tour (starting at 8.00 a.m.)
Tickets to Pena Park and Palace. 
Lunch not included.


Experience Walk + Sintra Cascais = 153€ / Now 143€
Save 10€ per person.

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