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Lisbon Photo Challenge

photo challenge
photo challenge - tuk tuk

  • What is it?

    It is pedestrian rally-paper, a fun teambuilding activity, promoting team interaction and cooperation! Your team will get to know the best of Lisbon’s history and culture in a relaxed way, while improving skills such as Communication, Leadership, Strategy and Time management!

    How it works?

    We divide the group into teams, and then give them the following tasks to complete:
    – Find the places marked on the map;
    – Take funny group pictures;
    – Answer questions about Lisbon;
    – Find objects along the way;
    – Taste traditional foods and drinks;
    – Ride the old tram, funicular or elevator;
    – And the Winner is… The team with the highest score at the end of the route!

  • Information

    The activity includes: 
    – Each team: folder, camera, pen;
    – Each person: Map and Road Book, ticket to the tram and elevator, traditional savories and drinks: Ginjinha (cherry liqueur) and pastel de natal (traditional pastry);
    – Several tour guides;
    – We send all pictures;
    – Insurance;
    – A Porto wine bottle to the winning team.

    It’s possible to change:
    – Start and Finish point;
    – Number of places and quarters to visit;
    – Possible to include questions related to client/event goals;
    – Number of teams;
    – Also available Transfer to Lisbon City Center;
    – Possible to organize special Lunch or Dinner;

  • Photo Challenge Options

    – Lisbon Essential Photo Challenge – 2h
    – Photo Challenge Discover Belém – 2h
    – Fado & Photo Challenge Lisbon – 3h
    – Typical Photo Challenge Castelo & Alfama – 3h
    – Photo Challenge & Tuk Tuk – 3h
    – Original Lisbon Photo Challenge – 4h
    – Food & Wine Photo Challenge Lisbon – 4h
    – Lisbon Go Cars & Photo Challenge – 4h
    – Lisbon Bike & Photo Challenge – 4h
    – Lisbon Segways & Photo Challenge – 4h
    – Go Cars, Segways & Photo Challenge – 4h
    – Sailing & Photo Challenge Lisbon – 5h
    – Custom Photo Challenge

    Make it Extra Special!

    It’s possible to include in the Photo Challenge the following activities:
    – Cool Rides
    – Speedboats
    – Tiles Workshop
    – Visits to Monuments
    – Lunch/Dinner
    – Extra Tastings

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