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iPad Lisbon Challenge

photo challenge
photo challenge
photo challenge

  • What is it?

    A fun teambuilding activity, to discover Lisbon with all the help of iPad 3G & GPS technologies. This activity allows participants to promote the strategy, leadership and teamwork, meet unexpected and hidden places or reinforce the identity of a company by a host of interactive games. Skills such as Communication, Leadership, Negotiation, Strategy Development and Time Management will improve as your team discovers the best of Lisbon’s history and culture in a relaxed way!

    How it works?

    We divide the group into teams, each team receives an iPad and have the following tasks to complete:

    – Find the places marked on the App map with Geo-location technology that allows to move it anywhere on the map, and offers the teams position information on real time;
    – Take funny group pictures or videos in each point;
    – Answer questions about Lisbon;
    – Find objects along the way;
    – Try traditional foods and drinks;
    – Ride the old tram, funicular or elevator;
    – Take a use of a wide range of gadgets and interactive activities to promote fun and dynamism with the rival teams;
    – Make it more special including Go Cars, Segways, Sidecars and Bicycles.

  • The interface – Completely intuitive

    In this challenge, the iPad combines a high technology experience with an original activity. This App is completely intuitive and has infinite options, allowing the participants to have fun during the activity.>

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