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IPad Challenge Sintra & Quinta da Regaleira

  • Information

    Quinta da Regaleira is well known for it’s symbolism, secret passages and many architectonical styles. There are also a lot of ties to the Masonry in this place where they used to hold their mysterious initiation rituals.
    For this challenge each team will have a task book to guide them as well as questions about each point. At some places the group will be facing some teambuilding games which are sure to defy their team work capacities! It will be a mysterious environment involving: monks, hidden clues, dark caves and secret underground passages!

    You will need to complete your entire task book passing by all the established points and following clues to get to the hidden treasure of the monks!

  • Includes

    – Per team team: 1 iPad
    – Per person: Regaleira Tickets
    – Insurance

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