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iPad Challenge in Tuk-Tuk

  • Information

    Want to get to know ancient Lisbon? No need to travel through time to do it !

    A ”Tuk-Tuk Challenge ” takes you to historic streets and alleys, corners lost in another century and  scenarios that look like in the movies. You can be more than a spectator – you can get on the scene, interact with people, ask questions, take photos, record videos and taste the local gastronomy. On a fascinating route done in group aboard a Tuk-Tuk, the Lisbon from other times opens its doors for you.Come in and feel at home!

  • Teams

    6 Pax Team

  • Includes

    – 1 IPAD by team
    – Tuk-Tuk by team
    – Custard Tart Pax
    – Ginja Liquer Pax
    – Pen drive with photos
    – Porto Bottle Wine to the winner team
    – Scarf
    – Insurance

  • Group

    Min: 24 Pax
    Max: 350 Pax

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