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vintage cars
vintage cars
vintage cars
vintage cars
go cars
photo challenge - tuk tuk
tuk tuk

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    Lisbon’s charm is magical and captivating, but its seven hills can become quite challenging if your aim is to explore as much of the city as possible. Why walk, or ride a bus, when you can experience the city in a unique vehicle which can take you where no tour buses can go? We have finally figured out the best ways to explore them without missing any of the fun of the narrow streets and hidden alleys. We have a wide range of ways you can use to explore just choose from the list below what you believe will make your day exceptional.
    Combine these exciting rides with one of our teambuilding activities, to create a thrilling and memorable experience!

    The coolest rides in Town!

    Bike City Tour
    Classic Cars Transfers
    Go Cars City Tour
    Segways City Tour
    Sidecars City Tour
    Tuk Tuk City Tour
    Lisbon Vintage Trams

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